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Ebony & Jesus

Ebony Cody and Jesus Diaz’s dream was to purchase a home to provide stability for their family and to be an investment in their future, but like many eager first time home-buyers they didn’t know where to start. After searching online and trying to make sense of the home-buying process, they found Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust via


It started with a meeting with Lizbeth DiFabbio, BNT’s Senior Housing Educator, in June of 2014, discussing credit, budget, affordability, and short and long term goals.  Lizbeth guided them and they soon began to see an improvement in their financial capabilities with an increase in their score and budget.  The three of them continued to meet several more times for progress checks.

In December of 2014, Ebony and Jesus took Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust’s eight hour Pre-Purchase Education course and felt that they were on a good track.  At the class they met several business partners that they felt could help them and be part of their home-buying team.

After some setbacks, they stayed focused on their goals and in March of 2015 went to Total Mortgage and got a pre-approval.  They then contacted Eddie Gutierrez, a real estate agent and found a home in Danbury.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Ebony and Jesus.” said Eddie Gutierrez, “BNT helped prepare them about a lot of the aspects associated to the process which helped me tremendously since they purchased a short sale. Thanks to BNT’s class, they knew that they needed to be patient in waiting for bank approval of the sale, negotiating counter offers, and eventually solidifying their own CHFA financing through Total Mortgage.”

They closed on the loan with Attorney Richard Shapiro in August of 2015. Home sweet home!

“Ebony and Jesus showed composure and patience during the difficulties associated with a short sale. They were excited to finally get to the end of it, and I was happy for them.” commented Attorney Richard Shapiro.

Ebony Cody was over-joyed to see her dream come true, “Our family looks forward to many years and new memories to be made in our first home!”


BNT provides safe, affordable housing and counseling services that help our neighbors and our neighborhoods succeed.