Bridgeport houses are full of history and architectural character.

Home is much more than a physical structure, but it begins there. At BNT, we begin there too - by building and renovating quality affordable homes that provide new housing opportunities for families with low and moderate incomes. House by house and apartment by apartment, the positive impact adds up. Neighborhoods improve. Communities prosper.

Bridgeport is no cookie-cutter place, and neither are the homes we create. BNT develops all kinds of housing: from single-family residences to six-unit buildings; from historic Victorian villas to modern modular homes; both rental apartments and homeownership units.

BNT has developed over 168 units of affordable housing, leveraging more than $22,000,000 of public and private resources. BNT currently has 4 units in construction and more than 100 units in its pipeline; all developments are created to infuse new vitality into Bridgeport’s neighborhoods.

BNT also manages 102 units of affordable family housing for families and expects to add an additional 7 in the next few months.