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BNT’s mission is to LEAD, EMPOWER AND CHANGE Fairfield County’s and Connecticut’s neighborhoods, improving quality of life through building and managing safe, affordable housing for the homeless and struggling singles and families including our veterans, seniors, transitioning foster youth, the previously incarcerated, and young mothers. We also provide comprehensive home ownership and financial counseling services, and support economic empowerment through our social enterprise initiative.



Become self-sufficient, build wealth and maintain your financial stability. ERA is here to help you build a solid financial foundation.

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BNT’s Social Enterprise Initiative empowers communities by providing employment opportunities and needed resources to local residents.

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Real Estate

Home is much more than a physical structure, but it begins there. At BNT, we begin there too.

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Transforming Neighborhoods

We’re committed to Bridgeport and serious about neighborhood-based solutions that improve the quality of life for all residents.

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New Apartments Coming

We have done it again!  BNT is continuing the renovation of 1755 Stratford Avenue, bringing eight new affordable housing units[…]

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BNT’s 7th Annual Masquerade Ball

BRIDGEPORT, CT – On Friday, November 1st Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust (BNT) funders, supporters and government officials greased their hair and pulled out[…]

BNT breaks ground on West Liberty Commons

Article from CTPost,  Sept 5, 2019 Jordan Grice Yet another project focused on revitalizing Bridgeport’s Downtown West area has started[…]

Gov. Ned Lamont talks business in Fairfield

For the first time since being elected, Gov. Ned Lamont returned to Fairfield to talk business. Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust’s new[…]

BNT provides safe, affordable housing and counseling services that help our neighbors and our neighborhoods succeed.


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