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BNT provides development and other services that help neighborhoods, and the Park City, succeed.

About Us

Incorporated in 1986, Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust provides an array of services in the Bridgeport community. At BNT, it’s no coincidence that trust is our last name. In fact, it’s the principle behind every project that we do.

We’re committed to Bridgeport and serious about neighborhood based solutions that improve the quality of life for all residents.

Our Mission

BNT’s mission is to LEAD, EMPOWER and CHANGE Bridgeport neighborhoods, improving quality of life through affordable housing opportunities. To meet this challenge, BNT develops and manages affordable housing, provides comprehensive homeownership education and wealth building services, and supports economic empowerment through its social enterprise initiative.

2017 In A Review

In 2017 BNT…

  •  Served 2,119 clients, offered 152 classes in pre-purchase education, foreclosure
    prevention, credit coaching, landlord-tenant education and financial literacy.
  •  Helped 390 households achieve homeownership and close on $86,228,001 in mortgages.
  • Worked with 88 families to avoid foreclosure and saved $15,300,000 in mortgages.
  • Developed a real estate pipeline of almost 200 housing units and 50,000 sq. ft. of
    commercial space representing $40,000,000 of potential investment in Bridgeport.
  • Managed $40,000,000 portfolio of 208 housing units and 18,000 sq. ft . of commercial
    space paying $450,000 in local real estate taxes. These spaces are home to more than 400 individuals and families.
  • Created 54 units of housing, leveraging $13,000,000 in public and private financing, creating more than 100 temporary construction jobs.

We had a great year, yet there’s more to be done. Watch out 2018, here we come.