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BNT provides development and other services that help neighborhoods, and the Park City, succeed.

Board of Directors

Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust is seeking candidates for Board of Directors who have a passion for helping the Park City, and its people, succeed. We’re looking for creative, committed, and energetic people who live or work in Bridgeport to join the Board this Spring. We are especially interested in prospects who are community leaders, have prior Board experience, and those with legal, fund development and marketing backgrounds. If interested, please contact CEO Liz Torres at (203) 290-4255 or email

Kim Bianca Williams, President

Deborah Clancy, Vice President

Brian P. Vahey Jr.,  Secretary

Steve Grathwohl, Treasurer

Charles G. Breland Jr.

Carol J. Heller

Frederick Hodges

Carmen Nieves

Robert Scoville

Keston O. Woodhouse

Doran Wright