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BNT provides development and other services that help neighborhoods, and the Park City, succeed.

About Us

Incorporated in 1986, Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust provides an array of services in the Bridgeport community. At BNT, it’s no coincidence that trust is our last name. In fact, it’s the principle behind every project that we do.

We’re committed to Bridgeport and serious about neighborhood based solutions that improve the quality of life for all residents.

Our Mission

BNT’s mission is to LEAD, EMPOWER and CHANGE Bridgeport neighborhoods, improving quality of life through affordable housing opportunities. To meet this challenge, BNT develops and manages affordable housing, provides comprehensive homeownership education and wealth building services, and supports economic empowerment through its social enterprise initiative.

Letter from CEO

Dear Reader,

The time is right for BNT to achieve tremendous growth during this current re-birth of Bridgeport. The City is poised once again to become a regional destination. Greater predictability and confidence in the city are encouraging new investment. Bridgeport is a regional intermodal transit hub with highway, rail, bus, air, and water access. This multi-modal transportation access, coupled with affordable land values makes Bridgeport an attractive location for both jobs and housing. BNT shall capitalize on these assets to maintain our position as the community development corporation of choice in Fairfield County. In 2016, we:

  • Rented up Milestone Apartments and completed the construction of an Early Learning Center operated by ABCD.
  • Acquired an existing tax credit project named Old School Commons.
  • Started construction of first tax credit project, Westgate Apartments.
  • Awarded $1M to support the West Liberty Commons Apartment project.
  • Expanded the Empowerment Resource Academy to include wealth building services, rental, and mobility counseling.
  • Achieved a 2% Vacancy Rate and reduced rent receivable by 7%.
  • Received 5 awards from CERC, Bank of America, TD Bank, BRBC, and LifeBridge.

I am humbled and proud of the BNT Team that made these accomplishments happen. I am surrounded by a group of the most committed, talented, and hardworking people I know. I want to thank BNT’s Board of Directors and Staff for your support and leadership in 2016. We had a great year, yet there’s more to be done. Watch out 2017, here we come.

-Elizabeth Torres, BNT