BNT in the Community

BNT has a Strong Reputation as Excellent Community Partner

In its Housing Development and Resident Services businesses, BNT partners with organizations such as Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA), HUD and residential real estate agents, other Connecticut housing agencies, mortgage lenders, and real estate agencies across Connecticut to provide stable housing and financial literacy counseling. The services it provides are meant to benefit underserved communities and strengthen them.

Partnerships exist with the City of Bridgeport, the State of Connecticut, Operation Hope, Family for Center of Justice, Fairfield County’s Center for Housing Opportunity, Partnership for Strong Communities, Connecticut Association for Human Services (CAHS), Unite Us, among many others. Together, we provide referrals and services to each other to better serve our our mutual clients and strengthen the community.

BNT exists to serve the housing needs of individuals, families and communities across Connecticut. It expects its work to empower them and significantly improve their lives. It wants its neighbors to know it is here for them, whether its providing referrals or just lending a hand.


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