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BNT Responds During COVID-19 Crisis

At BNT, we’re taking extra steps to ensure that we’re here for your well-being and advancement in life during the current COVID-19 global health crisis. For that reason, we’ve expanded our operations to include more remote services as well as incorporate first responder style measures for our tenants in our 22 facilities. In addition to that we are looking towards the future as we build new affordable housing units in Connecticut. Listed below you will find a variety of services that we are offering in response to the current world climate.

For more information on the services listed below, please call (203) 290-4255

Free Empowerment Resource Academy Classes

BNT is committed to offering FREE Empowerment Resource Academy Classes remotely for Connecticut residents. These courses include our brand-new crisis management class, pre-purchase counseling class, home ownership class, foreclosure and eviction prevention counseling, and financial fitness class. We believe it is important for families to become well versed in how to establish a budget in general and during this time to help secure their financial future. We are also offering classes to help people with their credit, learn about the home buying process and maximize their financial security. For more information on how to attend one of these virtual classes, please call 203-290-4255.

24/7 On Call Remote Ready Staff

To assist with all general questions regarding how to pay rent, information on properties, and requests for repairs on building utilities, BNT is ready and on the line to assist with your needs. We’ve established a new range of new remote services answering calls from tenants and community members. We see ourselves as first responders. To reach our first responder hotline, please call 203-290-4255.

Complimentary Meal and PPE Masks

We’ve housed many new at-risk families during this time. In addition to our current tenants, we are offering complimentary meal and PPE support throughout our 22 buildings. This delivery of goods will ensure that our residents are well fed and safe from the spread of COVID-19. So far, we’ve handed out 2000 masks to our 500+ tenants. With occupants moving into new properties soon, we will extend this support to those units as well and into the future. As we are in this together, it is important that we continue building sustained and safe neighborhoods. For information on when our team will be delivering support to your residence, please call 203-290-4255.

Creating More Affordable Housing

We recognize that not everyone is with a home during this pandemic. BNT is actively building 45 new affordable units including East End Phase II (expected move in starting June 1st) and West Liberty Commons (expected to move in December 1st). The new apartments will ensure the neediest in Fairfield County will have housing. If you want to know more about affordable housing at BNT please call 203-290-4255.

Building Neighborhoods Together Crisis Fund

Considering we’re all in this together, BNT is establishing the Building Neighborhoods Together Crisis Fund to help us respond to increased community needs during this time, and expanding our programs to meet those needs. The fund is in conjunction with our first annual gala which is now going virtual in September. BNT is not resting – especially during this crisis. We can’t. If you are anywhere in Connecticut and have housing or other needs, we are here for you. If you can, please join us in supporting your neighbors by donating so we can house more homeless, provide more services, and build neighborhoods together.


BNT provides safe, affordable housing and counseling services that help our neighbors and our neighborhoods succeed.