BNT’s 7th Annual Masquerade Ball

BRIDGEPORT, CT – On Friday, November 1st Building Neighborhoods Together (BNT) funders, supporters and government officials greased their hair and pulled out their poodle skirts for BNT’s 50’s themed Masquerade Ball.

The Masquerade Ball was BNT’s 5th annual signature event. All proceeds support BNT’s mission to LEAD, EMPOWER and CHANGE Bridgeport neighborhoods. Bridgeport’s Mayor, Joe Ganim and City Council President Aidee Nieves were among the 114 people in attendance at this years ball.

Every year BNT acknowledges an individual/organization that has gone above and beyond to help BNT achieve their mission. BNT’s Community Building with Grace Award was created to honor our long-time President and founding board member, Michael Grace, who served as BNT’s Chairman and President for nearly 25 years. At this year’s Masquerade, they honored Deborah Sims and Deborah Caviness of Bridgeport’s East End NRZ Market. BNT also honored their own Leticia Sepulveda, Operations Director, with the Elizabeth Torres Outstanding Leadership Award.

At the Masquerade Noah Gotbaum, BNT’s Executive Director said, “ We do more than affordable housing, our counseling sector is number one in the state. We are developing communities from the ground up.” The event was sponsored by Haynes Construction, Bank of America, Jordan Electric,People’s United Bank, PSEG Power Connecticut, Wells Fargo and many more.

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