BNT is constantly on the lookout for experienced and passionate individuals interested in a career improving the quality and availability of housing in Bridgeport. We are currently looking for the positions below.

If these don’t fit your exact qualifications, but you would like to submit your resume for consideration, please do so. Resumes should be e-mailed to Diamond London at

Current Openings

LISC/Americorps Housing Counseling Intake and Outreach Member

This Position Description and the activities and goals noted below represent the service the Member will be providing at the placement site Building Neighborhoods Together (placement site). This is an AmeriCorps position and as such, the Member may not engage in prohibited activities as part of his/her/their service. An AmeriCorps Member is providing national service and is not considered an employee of either LISC or the placement site. AmeriCorps members are responsible to perform the activities outlined below, and work towards achieving the goals outlined in this Position Description.


The Member is expected to undertake the following generalized activities toward goal achievement. These activities may or may not include administrative duties related to the below goals/activities, or newly assigned activities that are allowable and not prohibited by AmeriCorps, may be assigned by the placement site in
furtherance of goal attainment:

  • Conducting community outreach and creating materials to attract people to use the services the placement site provides.
  • Providing outreach to the Bridgeport neighborhoods to attract clients to attend financial coaching classes.
  • Developing marketing materials for organizations and the placement site to attract more clients.
  • Helping clients find housing and/or housing resources to move into safe, affordable housing.
  • Attending meetings related to community building/rebuilding.
  • Managing relationships with clients, community, and placement site staff.
  • Documenting impact through storytelling of the coaching services provided.

It is up to the placement site supervisor to ensure that the Member does not perform general office support; it is the Member’s responsibility to report any perceived Prohibited Activities, including general office support, to their local LISC contact.

In performing these activities, the placement site and LISC AmeriCorps anticipate that the Member will achieve the following goal(s):

  • Provide 100 clients with financial counseling/ literacy services where 50 clients will indicate improved financial literacy skills or knowledge as a result of the aforementioned activities.

In order to meet the goal(s), the Member should work closely with their supervisor to develop a work-plan at the onset of service and training needed to achieve the goal(s). LISC can support workplan development if requested. Progress toward goal attainment will be measured monthly through an online system.

The Member will have an immediate supervisor at the placement site and a LISC point of contact throughout the term of service for coaching, mentoring, and training support in order to undertake activities to achieve a community goal.

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