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Pre-Purchase Counseling

During one-on-one sessions, the counselor identifies steps needed to become mortgage eligible and ready to take on the responsibilities of homeownership. It includes budget, financial and credit analysis, action plan and assessment, referral and follow-up. While receiving pre purchase homeownership counseling at BNT, the staff will provide general information and materials about housing opportunities and issues.

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

During one-on-one sessions the counselor reviews client’s income, expenses and spending habits, in order to evaluate their unique financial situation relative to their housing need. The counselor works with the homeowner, lenders and other parties as necessary to successfully implement the foreclosure prevention strategy including a forbearance, loan modification, refinance, etc. Click here for more info and to schedule a counseling session.

Reverse Mortgage Counseling (HECM)

The counselor will discuss the client’s needs and circumstances; provide information about reverse mortgages and other alternative types and sources of assistance that might be available to the client. Once the session is completed, the counselor will issue a certificate, which verifies for a lender that the client has successfully completed counseling.

Credit Counseling

One-on-one counseling on how to build and maintain a satisfactory credit score, and will offer an overview of credit reporting and FICO scoring. How to correct issues in your credit report and increase your credit scores.

Benefits Access

Screenings help determine available resources and referrals to mainstream benefits and resources, such as SNAP and energy assistance, health care, as well as referrals to job training and placement programs such as Career Resources and Workplace.

To Schedule A One-On-One Counseling Session, call us today at 203-290-4255


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