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A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True

With her wedding bells still echoing, newlywed Ivonne Ruiz began looking toward the future. “As soon as I was married, I wanted to buy a house,” she explained. “After all, it’s the American dream.” Four years later, Ivonne’s dream came true when, armed with information from BNT’s Homeownership Program, Ivonne and her husband purchased a home in Bridgeport’s North End.

When first married in 2005, the Ruizes lived in apartments they leased. After time, exorbitant utility bills and rent increases prompted them to pursue Ivonne’s homeownership dream. With two young children, the family was ready for a place of their own. Early in 2008, the Ruizes began their search. Ivonne spent hours online looking for the right home and the couple visited many properties. As their quest progressed, many questions arose: Is our credit sufficient? What is the best financing option? Is help available?

The Ruizes tried to find help with another housing counseling agency, but didn’t find the answers they needed. To assist them, the Ruiz‘s Realtor, Charles Scott, referred the couple to BNT’s Pre-purchase Homeownership Workshop.

“The program was excellent,” Ivonne enthused. “It taught us, step by step, the process of homeownership.” After the workshop, BNT’s Housing Counselor offered to meet with the Ruizes one-on-one to answer any additional questions and provide clarity in the Ecuadorian couple’s native language, Spanish.

“The doubts I had went away when it was explained,” said Ivonne, and the personal assistance gave Rigoberto just the confidence he needed. “After meeting with BNT, I knew I would be able to buy a house,” he said.

This assurance came in handy when the couple finally found the house they loved, and had to move quickly to get it.  Walking through the ranch house on a quiet cul-de-sac, Ivonne was smitten. “The house is so big!,” she marveled and  enthusiastically touted the large closets. Noting his wife’s reaction, Rigoberto turned to the realtor: “What’s the next step, we want to buy it!”

They weren’t the only ones Interested in the property. A bidding war ensued, but Ivonne held firm to her long-time dream. “As soon as I saw the house, I knew how every room was going to look when I fixed it!” In the end, the Ruizes got the house, and fix it they did:  new paint, floors and quality kitchen upgrades – improvements that have helped multiply their equity for tomorrow and their enjoyment for today.

“It may take time to fix credit issues or build savings, but if you want your dream of homeownership to become a reality, there is no time like the present,” said BNT’s Housing Counselor.

BNT provides safe, affordable housing and counseling services that help our neighbors and our neighborhoods succeed.