CT Foreclosure Assistance & Prevention Resources

Falling behind on mortgage payments and concerned about losing your home?!

BNT housing counselors are here to help!

Being late on your mortgage can have devastating effects on your credit and borrowing costs for years to come. It could even lead to the loss of your home and all the equity you have built up on it.

A quick call to BNT could help you change all that.

Building Neighborhoods Together (BNT) HUD Certified Housing Counselors provide FREE Foreclosure Prevention Counseling & Assistance services to Connecticut residents through 1-on-1 counseling sessions and online Foreclosure Prevention Classes through our Empowerment Resource Academy (ERA). It could provide all the peace of mind you need.

All our COUNSELING sessions and CLASSES are FREE of CHARGE.

Call today or complete the form below to schedule:


Get help from expert caseworkers with:

  • Communicating with the mortgage lender and applying for available options,
    like Forbearance, Refinancing, Payment Plans, Loan Modifications, Partial Claims & more.
  • Creating a financial plan to stay on track with mortgage payments.
  • Consolidating debt and outlining refinancing options.
  • Help you obtain mortgage assistance programs (grants) you may be eligible for to pay off your delinquencies and defaults.
  • Understanding the process, terminology and long-term effects of foreclosure.
  • Navigating the CT Judicial and Mediation process.
  • Protecting yourself from predatory foreclosure scams.
  • Finding other foreclosure programs & resources available to homeowners.


Call us today to schedule a FREE 1-on-1 Counseling Session with our expert Foreclosure Caseworkers or fill out the form below and our caseworkers will call you.

    Or if you would like to enroll in our monthly FREE Foreclosure Prevention class, please click below to see the next available sessions.


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