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Ready for a Change

The Batistas

After years of renting a Bronx apartment, the Batistas were ready for a change. Fed up with the cramped quarters, three flights of stairs and their daily half hour quest for parking, the family began searching for a home of their own in Connecticut. New to the home buying process, the Batistas had a lot of questions. Referred to BNT for help, the couple met with BNT’s housing counselor for a comprehensive pre-purchase class.

“The bank had told us a little bit, but BNT explained the whole package… about laws, landlords, rights and refinancing.”

Their new knowledge was indispensable. In July of 2006, the Batistas closed on a duplex in Bridgeport’s East End. The house had just the features the family hoped for: it gave both their young daughters their own bedrooms, provided them with rental income, and, especially important after New York, offered ample off street parking.
“I feel like a king coming and parking in my own driveway,” said Mr. Batista.

The Batistas quickly settled in and began personalizing their home with paint and renovations.
“We still call BNT if we have a question,” Mr. Batista added, summarizing BNT’s personal and pertinent assistance.

BNT provides safe, affordable housing and counseling services that help our neighbors and our neighborhoods succeed.