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Linda Valdes

For Linda Valdes, October 8, 2007 was more than just an ordinary Monday, and more than just another Columbus Day. On October 8th, 2007, BNT helped Linda and her two children move into a newly renovated and much-anticipated Bridgeport apartment.


Once a resident of Bridgeport Housing Authority’s (BHA’s) Pequonnock Apart­ments, Linda was one of the 189 families displaced prior to the complex’s demoli­tion in 2002. Since then, BHA has been working to locate and develop the neces­sary Pequonnock Replacement units. BNT has assisted the process by managing the development of 60 of these units, including the Valdes’ new place on the East Side. BHA has also contracted BNT to assist the former Pequonnock families with the relocation and move-in process as apartments become available. BNT’s roles include management of the waiting list, showing the apartments, and arranging for moving services. Currently, there are 97 families on the active waiting list. To date, 12 families have already settled into their new homes, and 12 more are expected to be moving shortly. Nine other units have been offered to families.


For Linda, moving into the new apartment has provided new stability and peace. “It has everything, even a backyard and parking,” In particular, Linda expresses excitement that her kids can each have their own bedroom, and live in a nice neighborhood.


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