Senator Blumenthal Honors BNT – August 22, 2020

Bridgeport, CT – On Saturday, August 22, Senator Richard Blumenthal honored Building Neighborhoods Together (BNT) for the many contributions it has made to make affordable housing more accessible to those in need. As a result of increased housing discrimination during the pandemic, Blumenthal presented BNT with a special $20,000 HUD Fair Housing COVID-19 grant at a press conference at its corporate offices. Blumenthal referred to Building Neighborhoods Together as “one of the great protectors of basic human rights and dignity.”

Blumenthal said, “In this pandemic, we’ve come to realize how important the safety and security of a good home is. Because the pandemic has forced us to be together in our homes, and to be confined, the work being done by Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust is more important than ever”.

Noah Gotbaum, the head of BNT, said that HUD’s COVID-19 grant will help them better educate the community, preserve housing, and assure that rights are upheld during this difficult time. Gotbaum believes the money will help increase its ability to protect more people’s rights, especially because so many individuals are being dominated by housing discrimination.

Now more than ever, Building Neighborhoods Together urges renters and homeowners to contact them for counseling to fight evictions, foreclosures, and discrimination. They also encourage people to learn more about first-time home ownership.

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