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BNT provides development and other services that help neighborhoods, and the Park City, succeed.

Social Enterprise Initiatives


Build BNT

BuildBNT is a for profit construction company under the BNT umbrella that supports our community building strategy to revitalize neighborhoods in Bridgeport. Learn More >


Thrifty @ 505

Thrifty @ 505 is a shabby-chic upscale resale store in the Downtown West area that provides Bridgeporters with top quality new and lightly used merchandise at reasonable prices. COMING SOON


Operation Suds

Operations Suds is a new laundromat in the Downtown West area that allows BNT and area residents to wash their everyday clothing right in their neighborhood. COMING SOON


DoWest Café

DoWest Café is our newest addition to Downtown West that provides area residents with a cool place to shop for fresh produce, quality service, and alternative food options. COMING SOON