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BNT provides development and other services that help neighborhoods, and the Park City, succeed.

Leticia Sepulveda, Operations Director

Leticia has 15 years experience in human service and community outreach in the Greater Bridgeport area. She has worked with various populations including pregnant adolescents and individuals living with HIV and AIDS. This vast experience has given Ms. Sepulveda a great understanding of this community and has afforded her the benefit of creating strong ties with many resource professionals doing similar work in the city. Leticia joined the Healthy Homes team of BNT in April 2013 and enjoys teaching families and community service agencies about the impact of a healthy home. She regularly spends time in the community providing information on new State of Connecticut Department of Public Health guidelines related to lead elevations in children and is an active member of various committees and action groups such as the Healthy Homes Coalition, Bridgeport East Side Promise Neighborhood, and East Side NRZ.

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